I have been trying to provide a good service to my community, And the other day when I was googling my name I saw this bull shit site called the Ripoff Report how do i written a bunch of nonsense about me. I actually was stupid enough to get on there and respond with a rebuttal but then somebody else who just posted totally anonymously came in and took everything that I said and twisted all around.

shawn kormody dumpster
This is not what goes on in my office

I don’t even know where they got those pictures of those bags of dirty needles and stuff, that certainly wasn’t from anywhere behind my office. I am trying to help the community through my outreach program. People don’t understand that there is a lot more at stake and someone’s teeth if they don’t get proper dental care. Infections can spread to the heart, stomach and even brain if they are not taking care of in time.

Would one of my patients please come forward and tell them the truth about what really goes on in my office? Or with one of you punks from the ripoff report comedown and see with your own two eyes that I am not doing all of these outrageous things that you’re accusing me of.

I have people that I don’t even know going on YouTube I’m talking about our repulsed are bye-bye actions that don’t even know me. Yes, they did get one thing right… I am from the ghetto and I’m not afraid to be dentist and a gangster at the same time.

If I ever run into one of you fools little ripoff report…

Bang, bang…